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09 Sep 2019 - Liblouisutdml

This Liblouisutdml release adds a couple of new features and adds support for liblouis 3.11.

For a detailed list of all the changes refer to the list of closed issues.

New features

  • Add support for liblouis 3.11
  • Add a setting for minimum syllable length (hyphenation) thanks to Bert Frees
  • Add a new page number format: Roman capitals, thanks to Bert Frees

Bug fixes

  • Drop the dependency on internal liblouis API, thanks to Christian Egli and Bert Frees
  • Handle empty elements with style thanks to Bert Frees
  • Fix topBoxline and bottomBoxline thanks to Bert Frees
  • Fix printPageNumberRange=yes with printPageNumberAt=bottom thanks to Bert Frees
  • Allow Roman numbers greater than 1000 thanks to Bert Frees
  • Fix Belgian math thanks to Bert Frees


  • Added a huge set of MathML -> Nemeth tests thanks to Neil Soiffer
  • Add a description to the NAME section of the man page thanks to Samuel Thibault