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We’re a group of open-source software developers. We work on Liblouis, an open-source braille translation library for a large number of languages and braille codes, written in C. It is used in many products and if you’re a braille user, odds are you have come across braille that was produced by Liblouis.

Why sponsor?

Liblouis is an important piece of software for a lot of products, but its development relies heavily on volunteer work, and our time is limited. Most of us have regular day jobs and try to work on Liblouis in our 20% project or in our spare time.

Your sponsorship will support us in our work maintaining Liblouis. With the extra revenue we can afford to invest more time in the project than we would otherwise. Your funds will also be spent on issue bounties as a way to reward other Liblouis contributors.

If you use Liblouis in your daily routine and it makes your life easier, you can show your appreciation by giving us a small tip. If you run a business or non-profit that benefits from Liblouis, consider sponsoring us a bit more generously to guarantee Liblouis stays healthy and actively maintained.

How to sponsor?

If you would like to support us in our efforts to move Liblouis forward use the Sponsor button on the Github page. These are the options:

Specific engagements

Finally, you may also hire Bert Frees to do a specific job. Get in touch and we’ll try to work something out.