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01 Nov 2017 -

We are happy to announce that there are now official docker images for both liblouis and liblouisutdml. These images are built on every commit and can act as a sort of a nightly snapshot if you will. This opens up a number of possibilities and use cases. All you need to do is to install docker and off you go.

Once you have docker installed you can simply start any of the liblouis tools with docker run. To run lou_translate for example you’d type the following:

$ docker run --rm -it liblouis/liblouis lou_translate en-ueb-g2.ctb
This is a test
,? is a te/

The liblouis docker image supports lou_checkyaml and has the Python bindings installed, so you could run a local YAML test to check your local table.

$ ls
mytest.utb  mytest.yaml
$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/usr/src/ -i liblouis/liblouis lou_checkyaml /usr/src/mytest.yaml
SUCCESS (1 tests, 0 failures)

where mytest.yaml could look as follows:

table: [unicode.dis, mytest.utb]
    - abcdefg
    - ⠁⠃⠉⠙⠑⠋⠛

Another interesting use case for this is to run file2brl:

$ docker run --rm -i liblouis/liblouisutdml file2brl < input.xml > output.xml

Please try this out and give us feedback via the mailing list.