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21 Jan 2009 - Liblouis

This is a big release for liblouis. It’s the first time that it is done from the Google code page. A number of people have contributed, namely John Boyer (table debugger, bug fixes), Eitan Isaacson (Python bindings), James Teh (Python bindings, bug fixes), Christian Egli (documentation) and Michel Such (table for French grade 2).

New features

Python bindings

The liblouis library can now be used from Python. For more info consult the README file in the python directory.

Table debugger

liblouis now comes with a debugger that can help to find problems with translation tables.

French table for grade 2

There is now a translation table for French grade 2.

pass1Only mode bit

The new pass1Only mode bit will help developers of screen readers as the cursor will stay where it is expected to.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the inpos array values for the case where a rule has an output length which is larger than its input length.
  • fixed multi-word phrases
  • fixed bug in character display
  • fixed bug in findOpcodeName
  • lou_version now returns the correct liblouis version

Changes in behavior