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19 Aug 2010 - Liblouis

New features

New tables

  • Added tables for Portuguese grade 1 and 2
  • Added unicode.dis for Unicode braille

Modified tables

  • Updated Danish tables

Implemented language to table mapping

New format of error messages

The error messages are now reported in a format similar to the one used in gcc.

New opcode

  • added undefined opcode

Python bindings

  • Allow the user to configure the maximum output length by specifying a number by which the input length is multiplied using the outlenMultiplier module variable. The default will handle the case where every input character is undefined in the translation table. Previously, this was hard-coded to 2, which was insufficient in some cases.
  • Add compbrlLeftCursor mode constant.
  • Add compileString function which wraps lou_compileString.
  • Corrections/clarifications to docstrings.
  • Add python binding for the lou_hyphenate function.
  • Added python wrapper for lou_backTranslateString and lou_backTranslate.

liblouisxslt as an example

Add liblouisxslt as an example to python/examples. This is basically an extension of libxslt that lets you invoke liblouis from an xslt stylesheet to do Braille translation on text nodes for example.


Added a patch provided by Volker Bijewitz to implement compbrlLeftCursor.

Bug fixes

output cursorPos

Fix the output cursorPos when the compbrlAtCursor mode is enabled and the characters around the cursor translate to multiple braille cells, such as in the Chinese braille tables.

outpos when doing back translation

Include a patch by Timothy Lee to fix outpos when doing back translation (issue 11)

inputPos/outputPos for undefined characters

Fix the input/output position arrays for characters in the input which are undefined in the translation table.

table fixes

  • Fixed a bug with back translation of ā€˜*nā€™. (issue 13)
  • Fixes to the en-us-g2.ctb table

Python bindings

  • Remove unnecessary imports, allowing the bindings to run in Python 2.7. (issue 12)
  • lou_translate* writes output information in typeform, so allocate enough bytes for it. Fixes possible buffer overruns and resultant crashes.


  • Fixes to the man page generation to fix issues that were reported by the Debian packaging builder
  • Do not invoke help2man when cross-compiling
  • Documentation updates (issue 10)
  • Removing noletsign defaults
  • Many small fixes