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09 May 2011 - Liblouis

This release contains support for many more languages than before (Swedish, Kurdish, Ethiopic, Serbian, many Indian languages). The search path for tables is now a list of paths. Finally there is the usual assortment of bug fixes.

New features

Multiple table search path

The environment variable LOUIS_TABLEPATH can now contain a list of paths (separated by commas) where liblouis should look for tables. This allows the user to keep local tables.

New --quiet option for lou_checktable

lou_checktable writes to stderr even in the case of success. This can now be suppressed with the new option --quiet.

New Swedish table

A new table for Swedish braille has been provided by Samuel Thibault.

New table for Sorani (Kurdish)

A new table for Sorani (Kurdish) Braille has been donated by Peter Engström from Index Braille

New table for Ethiopic

A new table for Ethiopic Braille has been donated by Tamru E. Belay PH.D from Adaptive Technology Center for the Blind (ATCB)

New table for Serbian

A new table for Serbian Braille has been donated by Peter Engström from Index Braille

Improved the documentation

The deprecated opcodes have been moved to a separate section

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a long standing bug with an infinite loop in the table compiler

Braille Table Improvements

  • Improvements to the Chinese braille table
  • Improvements to the Flemish Braille Math Code tables
  • Improvements to the Dutch Braille tables
  • Improvements to the Spanish Braille tables.
  • Fixes for the uncontracted French 6 and 8 dot tables
  • Improved support for Italian 8 dot
  • Improvements to the Generic Arabic Grade 1 table