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18 Dec 2012 - Liblouis

While initially planned as mainly a bug fix release this release contains some notable new features: There is a new tool to trace which rules have been used to perform a translation. Also along with other new tables the long awaited table for UEB is finally here.

New features

New tool to trace rule application

There is a new tool (lou_trace) which helps to trace which rules have been used to perform a Braille translation. This is helpful for writing Braille tables. See the documentation for more information.

New Braille tables

  • Inuktitut grade 1, thanks to Greg Kearney.
  • UEB grade 1 and 2, thanks to Joseph Lee. These tables replace the old UEB tables (UEBC-g1.utb and UEBC-g2.ctb).
  • Korean table thanks to Joseph Lee

Braille Table Improvements

  • da-dk-g2.ctb, fixes for transposed â, å, æ, ä, ø and ö, corrected/improved harness tests.
  • Corrections for en-GB-g2.ctb thanks to Paul Wood
  • Corrections to the Hungarian grade 1 table thanks to Hammer Attila

Bug Fixes

  • Update gnulib
  • Fix a bug in the correct opcode which causes sometimes random results when translating. Thanks to Bert Frees.
  • Fixes for compiler warnings.
  • Fix some Valgrind warnings about invalid reads