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21 Jun 2013 - Liblouis

New features

New Braille tables

  • Korean grade 1 and grade 2 thanks to Joseph Lee
  • U.K. English 8 dot computer braille table thanks to David Reynolds
  • New Russian literary and computer braille tables thanks to Igor B. Poretsky. These replace the older Russian tables which are left for backwards compatibility.
  • New hyphenation dictionary for Russian thanks to Igor B. Poretsky.
  • Updated hyphenation tables for the Norwegian language (nynorsk and bokmål) thanks to Lars Bjørndal.
  • New hyphenation dictionary for Esperanto thanks to Aaron Cannon.
  • New Esperanto grade 1 table, using the x system for accented letters, thanks to Aaron Cannon.

Accept filename globs on the commandline to run specific harness files. In tests/harness, one can do make <filename> or make runall. Removed from make check because these checks are checking the validity of our tables, rather than validity of the code.

Braille Table Improvements

  • da-dk-g2.ctb, mostly rewritten to use nocross and hyphenation table.
  • Most tables: removed the default collapse whitespace statements, if you need to compress whitespace, consider adding compress.ctb to the list of tables when processing.
  • Corrections to Unified English Braille Code (Grade 1 and 2), thanks to Joseph Lee
  • Corrections to apostrophes in the Computer Spanish 8 dots Braille table (Es-Es-G0.utb). Thanks to Juan C. Buno.
  • Corrections for double angle quotation marks and emphasis marks in the Norwegian Grade 0 Braille Table. Thanks to Knut Arne Bjørndal.
  • Fixes for a minor problem regarding the noletsign in Norwegian contracted braille. Thanks to Lars Bjørndal.
  • Corrections to the Italian table thanks to Igor B. Poretsky.
  • Corrections to the Hungarian grade 1 table thanks to Hammer Attila
  • Corrections to English, U.S. Grade 2 (ABAE) table. Thanks to Ken Perry for reporting the bug and John J. Boyer for fixing it.
  • Further reorganization of the tables to remove duplication. Move litdigit opcode common parts and include where needed.
  • Removed obsolete en-us-g1.utb, which has been replaced by en-us-g1.ctb.
  • Added dictionary harness tests for: en-ueb-g2.ctb, en-us-g2.ctb.
  • Corrections to Nemeth character definitions thanks to Neil Soiffer.
  • Corrections to the Esperanto table thanks to Aaron Cannon.

Bug Fixes

  • Cursor position calculation is now based on the same code that calculates inpos and outpos. This probably solves a number of bugs.
  • Fix nocross opcode processing.
  • Fix several buffer over/under runs in lou_translateString.c:hyphenate.
  • Fix the ‘=’ problem, i.e. fix inputPositions calculation for the case where the equals sign is used as the dots operand. Thanks to Bert Frees
  • Fix a bug when resizing a table. Previously not all references to this table were updated.

Backwards incompatible changes

The feature that allowed a mapping between language code and Braille table was removed as it contained a out-of-bounds access bug, was never documented and probably never used. Thanks to Peter Nilsson Lundblad and Jeremy Roman for analyzing this problem and providing a patch.