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03 Mar 2014 - Liblouis

This release contains nine months worth of braille table improvements for example for Danish, UEB, en-us, Nemeth, Bulgarian, Slovenian and many more. Also there are fixes to the core for table path resolving and back-translation.

New features

  • Added function lou_registerTableResolver for plugging in a table resolver callback from your host language.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ENDSEGMENT indicator in computer Braille thanks to John Boyer.
  • Emphasized words should now be contracted consistently thanks to John Boyer.
  • Fixed several problems with back-translation. A slash within a number and strings such as 5-inch-diameter and 25-year-old-man should now back-translate correctly. Thanks to John Boyer.
  • Fixed a problem with syllable opcode. Thanks to John Boyer.
  • Fix warnings with gcc 4.8.2. Thanks to Peter Lundblad.
  • When a table is specified with an absolute or relative path, the “includes” in that table will now work as expected, meaning files in the same directory will be found.

Braille Table Improvements

  • fr-bfu-comp8.utb: corrections, zero was wrongly displayed in some instances.
  • en-us-g2.ctb, en-ueb-g2.ctb: Fixes for that’s, can’t and s’ thanks to Ken Perry.
  • en-us-g2.ctb: Fix for back-translation of things like <>, words including after, capsigns. thanks to Ken Perry.
  • Further corrections and testcases to the Hungarian tables thanks to Hammer Attila
  • Fixed letter sign in en-us and en-ueb tables. Thanks to John Boyer and Ken Perry.
  • UEB Fixes thanks to Mesar Hameed, Ken Perry and Joseph Lee:
    • chardefs - correct title and fixed a long standing bug where dots 46 was inserted between letters (especially for web addresses).
    • Fix problem with at sign.
    • Removed section of accented letters, that were left behind from US table.
    • Added todo for accents, to define according to the formal docs.
    • Corrected mathematical forall symbol.
    • Modified emphasis dot combinations to follow UEB standard.
    • Corrected the display of period when used as a midword.
    • Ensure ‘inin’ is correctly back-translated in words such as asinine, feminine and others.
  • Bulgarian bg.ctb: updated to meet modern standards (added Latin letters, corrected punctuation/mathematical symbols, misc typos). Thanks to Rumiana Kamenska
  • en-gb-g1.utb: Fixes thanks to Paul Wood
  • Fix for the lich sign in the German tables. Thanks to Halim Sahin.
  • Nemeth improvements thanks to John Boyer.
    • Spaces in nemethdefs.cti were changed to unbreakable spaces. This was done so that nemeth expressions would not be broken between lines.
    • The number sign is now inserted between the minus sign and the number at the beginning of an expression. Some problems with pass2 opcodes have also been corrected.
  • The Esperanto table has additional punctuation characters and a test harness. Thanks to Aaron Cannon.
  • Added missing symbols to the US English BRF display table. Thanks to Aaron Cannon.
  • Improvements to the Slovenian table and a new Slovenian eight dot computer table provided by Jožef Gregorc.
  • Fixes to the Norwegian tables thanks to Lars Bjørndal
    • Fixes for less than / greater than.
    • Add entries for URLs, domains and file names.
  • Added ne.utb, an alternative Nepali braille table. One of ne.utb or ne.ctb will be removed/merged in a future version. Keeping both for the time being so that users can test and give feedback on which is most correct. Thanks to Him Prasad Gautam, and Mesar Hameed

Backwards incompatible changes

  • Delete the table chardefs-ueb.cti as these rules are now provided by en-ueb-chardefs.uti

Invisible changes

  • Refactoring in compileTranslationTable.c: separated more clearly the compilation from the table resolving, removed duplicate code, etc.