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01 Dec 2014 - Liblouis

This release focuses on table and documentation improvements. The documentation has been restructured to cater to people starting with writing Braille tables. End users will see improvements to Braille for Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Irish and UK English.

New features

New Braille tables

  • New grade 1 and grade 2 Gaeilge tables implementing the 2014 UIB standard. Including tests, thanks to Ronan McGuirk, Mesar Hameed.

Braille table improvements

  • Updates and correction to Hungarian braille tables, thanks to Hammer Attila.
  • Correction to English UK grade 2 braille tables and new tests, thanks to Paul Wood, Mesar Hameed
  • Vastly improved Danish tables thanks to Bue Vester-Andersen
    • back-translation, both in 6 dots grade 2 and 8 dots grade 2.
    • Better handling of dash, slash, and other punctuation within words in 8 dots grade 2.
  • New table for Dutch (Netherlands) thanks to Henri Apperloo from CBB

Bug fixes

  • fix a compiler warning in the logging code. Thanks Peter Lundblad for reporting it and Michael Whapples for fixing the problem.

Documentation updates

  • The documentation has been restructured to be more beginner friendly and a short introduction to translation table writing has been added. Thanks to Joseph Lee and Christian Egli

Other changes

  • When compiling with mingw or cygwin resulting dll is liblouis.dll.
  • add new output format, compact output mode suitable for grepping.

Backwards incompatible changes

  • Deleted ga.ctb now superseded by ga-g1.utb and ga.g2.ctb.
  • Nl-Nl-g1.utb has been removed. It is superseded by nl-NL-g1.ctb.
  • nl-be-g1.utb has been removed. It is superseded by nl-BE-g1.ctb.