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01 Jun 2015 - Liblouis

Given the release number you might think this is only a minor release. However looking at the number of developers who contributed to it and the number of pull requests and issues that were solved this turns out to be a very impressive and solid release. Most prominently we have a new function to discover tables based on meta data in table headers. Also makeinfo is no longer required to build liblouis. And lastly we have numerous improvements in Braille tables such as Korean, Vietnamese and UEB to name just a few.

New features

  • [beta] The new function lou_findTable can be used for table discovery based on meta data in table headers. Thanks to Bert Frees.
  • The Python API now has a new function to check tables aptly named checkTable. Thanks to Davy Kager.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem in resolveTable when using a Java resolver, thanks to Bert Frees

Other changes

  • The build dependency on makeinfo is now optional. If it is not installed we simply do not build the documentation.

Braille table improvements

  • Improvements to Bengali, Devanagari, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu and Oriya, thanks to Sreeja Param
  • Corrections and improvements made to en-GB tables thanks to Paul Wood
  • Vast restructuring to Korean tables. In 2006 the Institute for Korean Braille modified some dots in Korean Braille. Specifically, some punctuation dots are now based on English. To accommodate this change and to retain the old tables, the Korean table set was revised as follows:
    • Added three files: ko-chars, the Korean characters dictionary, and rules for g1 and g2.
    • ko-g1 and ko-g2 are now interface files that includes needed files.
    • Added three files for Korean Braille 2006 revision along with a test harness.
  • New table for Polish 8 dot computer braille. Thanks to Karol Pecyna.
  • New table for Vietnamese 6 dot. Thanks to Harri Pasanen.
  • Corrections and improvements made to UEB tables thanks to Paul Wood
    • Typeform passage indicators
    • Degree sign
    • Dash signs
    • Math signs
    • Accent modifiers
    • Accented letters