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16 Aug 2017 - Liblouis

We are happy to announce that liblouis now officially supports platforms targeting Javascript. This includes web browsers, javascript-based servers and cross-platform applications.

The new Javascript port of liblouis is created by cross-compiling the original liblouis implementation written in the programming language C and wrapping it in javascript code that makes table loading from remote sources, switching the liblouis release version and other tasks that are more common in browser environments easy.

While you might not be a Javascript developer, there are other reasons to be excited about this new way to use liblouis: A browser based interface allows you to try or showcase liblouis versions without installation. It also has a benefit for table authors and maintainers as regressions in liblouis tables can now easily be detected. We already provide a tool that lets you create interactive test cases that can be used to report bugs.

Javascript packages can either be cloned directly from the repository or downloaded through the package managers npm and bower.

You can install the latest official liblouis release using the commands

$ npm install liblouis-build@latest
$ npm install liblouis

Or install the latest available development version of liblouis using the commands

$ npm install liblouis/js-build
$ npm install liblouis

Several usage examples and extended installation instructions can be found in the instructions displayed at the repository landing page.