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04 Dec 2017 - Liblouis

This release brings together a lot of work by lots of different people. Probably the most prominent fix is the work on output positions by Bue and Bert. NVDA should benefit from this. Then there are new and massively improved tables like the Lithuanian 6-dot table by Rimas or the improved back-translation for French by Michel and André-Abush to name just a few. There are too many contributors to name them here, thanks to them all.

For a detailed list of all the changes refer to the list of closed issues.

New features

  • Add support for inputPos and outputPos checking in lou_checkyaml thanks to Bue Vester-Andersen. See the manual for details and examples.

Bug fixes

  • output positions (outputPos) are now calculated based on input positions (inputPos) thanks to Bert Frees. This avoids a whole class of bugs that previously plagued the output positions. This fix also obviates the need for the pass1Only flag. See below for the deprecation notice.

Braille table improvements

  • Addition of Nemeth and Kangxi radical characters and other improvements to Chinese braille (zh-tw.ctb) thanks to Bo-Cheng Jhan and 黃偉豪.
  • Improvements to the Spanish chardefs table thanks to Luis Lorente Barajas and Simon Aittamaa.
  • Fixed a lowercase ó in Spanish first reported for NVDA thanks to Sukil Etxenike.
  • New Norwegian 6-dot display braille table for Braillo embossers thanks to Lars Bjørndal
  • Added a bunch of whitespace-like codepoints as spaces thanks to Rimas Kudelis
  • Added Lithuanian 6-dot table thanks to Rimas Kudelis.
  • Addition of more characters to the French tables thanks to Samuel Thibault
  • Improvements to the Hungarian tables thanks to Attila Hammer
  • Improvements to the Mongolian tables thanks to Tsengel Maidar
  • Fix some math signs in Czech Braille (cs-chardefs.cti). Thanks to Christian Herden of ViewPlus for reporting this.
  • Updates to the SEB British Braille Tables thanks to Paul Wood
  • Massive improvements to French back-translation thanks to Michel Such and André-Abush Clause

Other changes

Improved documentation

  • Bue Vester-Andersen added some notes about back-translation and documented all possible values of the mode parameter. Also the description of decpoint and litdigit was improved.
  • The match opcode is now documented thanks to Mike Gray and Christian Egli.


Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements thanks to Bert Frees

Code refactoring

Many global variables have been removed thanks to Bert Frees

Code formatting

Thanks to clang-format There is now a uniform coding style over the whole code base

Fix broken NMakefile

Thanks to Davy Kager building with nmake should work again

Deprecation notice

The pass1Only flag has been deprecated. Its use should be avoided, and it will be completely removed from the code in the next version of Liblouis. When using the pass1Only flag in this release you will get a warning.

Backwards incompatible changes


New, renamed or removed tables


  • no-no-braillo-047-01.dis
  • lt-6dot.utb