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03 Jun 2019 - Liblouis

This release comes across as quiet, containing just the usual assortment of braille table improvements, cleanups, bug fixes and the classic buffer overflow patches. But beware, a lot has happened behind the scenes. Bert and Davy have been adding a new opcode to handle special emphasis situations. A number of annoying restrictions with regards to names, such as class names have been removed thank to Bert. And lastly also thanks to Bert it is now possible to define inline display tables in your YAML tests.

For a detailed list of all the changes refer to the list of closed issues.

New features

  • Add a new opcode emphmodechars. Thanks to Bert Frees and Davy Kager.

Bug fixes

  • Remove memoization in checkAttr. It wasn’t implemented correctly, caused some weird bugs and probably didn’t do much for performance. Thanks to Bert Frees.
  • Fix multiple buffer overflows in compilePassOpcode. Thanks to Cheng Wen for the report and to Christian Egli for the fix.
  • Fix a build problem when building without libyaml thanks to Bert Frees.

Braille table improvements

  • Added modified letters to UEB thanks to Mike Gray.
  • Complete overhaul of the U.S. six-dot computer braille tables to align with the CBC standard thanks to Timothy Wynn. There is now a sub-table for EBAE (en-us-compbrl.uti) and a stand-alone table (en-us-comp6.ctb).
    • Conforms to the CBC standard from BANA for character definitions that differ from the 8-dot ASCII braille (11 punctuation marks).
    • Added rules for braille indicators, emphasis indicators, and isolated lower-cell signs to the stand-alone table.
    • Uncontracted and contracted EBAE tables no longer use dot 7 when in computer braille mode.
    • en-us-compbrl.ctb was deleted because it was identical to en-us-comp6.ctb.
  • Update Bopomofo-based Chinese Braille thanks to Sponge Jhan
    • Correct various dot patterns of Chinese characters.
    • Add more known pattern exceptions of Chinese characters.
    • Apply word opcode to 倔 and 据.
    • Change dot pattern of & to 456-12346.
  • de-de-comp8.ctb now has definitions for musical Unicode characters thanks to Daniel Mayr
  • Emphasis improvements in Unified French 6 dots Braille thanks to Ludovic Oger.
  • Improvements to Unified English braille, Grade 2 thanks to James Datray from Freedom Scientific.
  • Numerous back-translation fixes to Grade 2 of UK English and Unified English Braille thanks to Anthony Tibbs.
  • Updates to Dutch Braille thanks to Bert Frees
    • Hyphen cancels the effect of emphasis indicator
    • Left/right curly brackets
    • Write currency symbols in full if they come after the number

Other changes

  • Remove various restrictions on which characters and braille cells can be used in translation rules, thanks to Bert Frees.
  • Remove some code duplication in pattern.c thanks to Bert Frees
  • It is now also possible to define inline tables when a display table has been defined thanks to Bert Frees
  • Nightly snapshots of liblouis are now also built for win64 thanks to Bert Frees

Deprecation notice


Backwards incompatible changes


New, renamed or removed tables


  • en-us-compbrl.uti


  • chardefs.cti -> en-chardefs.cti


  • en-us-compbrl.ctb