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02 Jun 2020 - Liblouis

This release contains major updates to Arabic, Dutch 8-dot computer braille, German, Russian computer braille, Ukrainian computer braille and Uzbek. Also there are new tables for Israeli multi-language Hebrew/Arabic/English braille and Malay. Aside from that there have been many code cleanups and bug fixes.

For a detailed list of all the changes refer to the list of closed issues.

New features

  • Add new test mode in lou_checkyaml for testing display tables. Thanks to Bert Frees.

Bug fixes

  • Work around a bug that causes an endless loop in French uncontracted braille thanks to AndrĂ©-Abush Clause.

Braille table improvements

  • Updates to the Russian computer braille table thanks to Andrey Yakuboy:
    • Fixed diacritics, Greek letters and Hebrew.
    • Added new Cyrillic letters.
    • Fixed several minor bugs.
  • New table for Uzbek braille thanks to BAUM Engineering.
  • New table for Ukrainian computer braille thanks to Andrey Yakuboy and Oleh Shpai.
  • Improvements to Arabic thanks to Ikrami Ahmad and Mada, Qatar Assistive Technology Center.
    • Added a lot of new symbols (algebra, geometry, Greek, etc.) to the grade 1 table.
    • Changed some symbols for less conflicts with grade 2.
    • Implemented letter sign / grade 1 indicator to cancel numbers and inhibit contractions when in grade 2.
    • Updated 8-dot computer braille table for better (easier to memorize) presentation of basic math symbols and punctuation marks.
    • Improved back-translation.
  • Improvement to German thanks to Bue Vester-Andersen.
    • Removed superfluous letter sign before certain lesser-used accented letters.
  • Final version of Dutch 8-dot computer braille table thanks to Leonard de Ruijter.
  • New Israeli multi-language Hebrew/Arabic/English tables for both uncontracted and computer braille. Thanks to BAUM Engineering and Erez Kugler from TSR Gaash.
  • New table for grade 2 Malay braille (Malaysia) thanks to Herbert Koh.

Other changes

  • You can now use up to 256 noletsign characters in a table, thanks to Christian Egli.
  • Major improvements to the documentation for the Standing Alone Sequences and their related opcodes such as seqdelimiter and also clarifications regarding the begcaps and endcaps opcodes thanks to Bue Vester-Andersen.

Deprecation notice

  • The class opcode has been deprecated in favor of attribute, which has been enhanced to do everything class can do.

Backwards incompatible changes


Invisible changes

New, renamed or removed tables


  • uz-g1.utb
  • ar-ar-g1-core.uti
  • ar-ar-math.uti
  • he-IL.utb
  • he-IL-comp8.utb




This table has long been superseded by da-dk-octobraille.dis.
This table was a step on the way to defining a Danish 8 dot standard. The table was referring to an old Danish Braille note-taker from the 80s and 90s, which is not used any more.
fi1.ctb and fi2.ctb
These tables are obsolete. Use fi-fi-8dot.ctb instead.