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07 Jun 2022 - Liblouis

This is a major release. On the Braille tables side there is a new table for German grade 2 with capitalization and there are updates to the Dutch, German Hungarian, Punjabi, Russian, UK Braille Computer Notation and Slovak tables. Christian added a new opcode to indicate the end of a number where the number doesn't end at a space character. Last but not least Samuel, Martin and Han have put a lot of work into checking for and fixing memory problems.

I'd like to thank everybody for helping to bring liblouis forward.

For a detailed list of all the changes refer to the list of closed issues.

New features

  • Add a new opcode nonumsign that helps with indicating the end of a number when it doesn't occur at the end at the end of a word such as '123abc' for example. For more details see the documentation. Thanks to Christian Egli.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent a memory overflow in compilePassOpcode thanks to Martin Gieseking. This was reported in CVE-2022-26981 and should now be fixed.
  • Prevent processing of characters beyond the string end in parseChars thanks to Martin Gieseking.
  • Prevent an invalid memory writes in compileRule. Thanks to Han Zheng for reporting it and to Christian Egli for fixing it.

Braille table improvements

  • Improvements to German braille:
    • Improve handling of single letters in grade 2 thanks to Mischa Künzle.
    • Improve handling of emphasis thanks to Bert Frees.
    • Add a table for grade 2 with capitalization thanks to Christian Egli.
  • Fix a problem with Ñ in Dutch braille thanks to Paul Rambags
  • Updated Slovak Braille table to be inline with the 2021 Slovak braille usage guidelines.
  • Fixed a problem with the '+' symbol in UK Braille Computer Notation thanks to Mario Arias.
  • Major improvements to the Hungarian braille tables thanks to Attila Hammer.
  • Make Punjabi table to behave the same as Duxbury in forward translation and more reliably than Duxbury in back translation. Thanks to Jake Kyle.
  • Improvements to the Russian and other Cyrillic tables thanks to Andrey Yakuboy:
    • Now all Russian based tables return braille Unicode braille by default when forward translating, no need to include ru-unicode.dis manually.
    • French letters (æ, ë and ï) have been added to the Russian literary braille table.

Other changes

  • Integrate sanitizer tests in the CI pipeline and fix a large number of memory problems (leaks, overflow and undefined behavior) thanks to Samuel Thibault.
  • Removed the "experimental" label from the functions lou_indexTables, lou_findTable, lou_findTables, lou_getTableInfo and lou_listTables (the meta data query API).
  • Fix a build problem when using Clang 11 on macOS thanks to Robert Scott.

Deprecation notice

  • None

Backwards incompatible changes

  • None

Invisible changes

New, renamed or removed tables


  • de-g2-detailed.ctb


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