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11 Jun 2015 - Liblouisutdml

This is the first official Liblouisutdml release in a long time. Many bug fixes and stability improvements have gone into it. There are a couple of new features like end note functionality and boxlines for example. Also there is an extensive test suite now and the documentation has been vastly enhanced.

New features

  • Added an extensive test suite which tests liblouisutml under various circumstances.
  • Add a configure option to disable the Java bindings.
  • Added Java bindings for logging callback API in liblouis.
  • Add end note functionality. Thanks to Paul Wood from Torch Trust

Bug fixes

  • fixed a problem with duplicate semantics attributes
  • solve multiple brl nodes after math nodes
  • Improve the documentation on XPath expressions.
  • Fixed numerous problems in the build system.
  • Fixed the character used when UCS2 builds encounter characters above u+ffff

Documentation updates

  • Document the end note functionality
  • Add an index for the default styles
  • Update the documentation appendix
  • Add the boxline style. Thanks to Michael Whapples.