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Stable versions

The latest stable version of liblouis and liblouisutdml. The source can be built with configure && make && make install. The windows binary contains the library and all the tools and can be used as-is.

Summary File
Liblouis (source) liblouis-3.30.0.tar.gz,
Liblouis (Windows build),
Liblouisutdml (source) liblouisutdml-2.12.0.tar.gz
Liblouisutdml (Windows build),

Development versions

The development versions of liblouis and liblouisutdml contain the latest changes. The windows binary is pre-built and as of last night. The source versions need to be built with && configure && make && make install, i.e. they require autoconf and automake in addition to make and a C compiler.

Summary File
Liblouis (source) liblouis.tar.gz,
Liblouis nightly build (Windows 32 bit) liblouis-win32-*.zip
Liblouisutdml (source) Liblouisutdml.tar.gz

Source code

Up-to-date versions can be checked out directly from the source code repositories.

Summary Source code repository

Old versions

Refer to the github releases pages for old versions of liblouis and liblouisutdml.

Summary Github releases page